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The resources are uploaded here according to the conference tracks: Crime & Corruption; Data; Korea; Networking; Workshops; and Special Events.

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General Track

Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsStories/Videos
Coping with Harassment and Threats -- Online and OffStory: By Maike Hansen
Covering ConflictReporting Conflict, by Namini WijedasaTips from the Sri Lankan Experience, by Namini WijedasaStory: By Kornelija Ukolovaitė
Environmental InvestigationsInvestigating the Ganges River, by Abu Siddique
Covering Environmental Issues in Indonesia, by Sapariah Saturi
Exposing Corruption in Indonesia's Plantation Sector, by Philip Jacobson
Story: By Finja Seroka
Exposing Fake News & PropagandaHow to Fight the Propaganda Machine, by Chay Hofilena
Verification and Digital Investigations Resources, by Craig Silverman
Propaganda & Disinformation, by Chay HofilenaStory: By Mariel Padilla
Following Ships, Smugglers & Supply ChainsLearning Custom Languages to Track Shipments, by Giannina SegniniTracking Planes & Properties, by Martha MendozaStory: By Eunice Au
Getting Documents -- From FOI Laws to Leak PlatformsBest Use of FOI for Investigations, by Satoshi KusakabeFrom FOI to Leak Platform: IndonesiaLeaks, by Muhammad Kholikul Alim
Getting Stories Through FOI Laws, by Shyamlal Yadav
Investigating HealthTraditional Chinese Medicine Inducing Liver Disease Investigation, by Zeng DingA Case Study of Polio , by Thomas Abraham
Pharmaceutical Payment and Physicians, by Akihiko Ozaki & Mariko Tsuji
Lightning Talks: Great Projects You Haven't Heard OfSocial News Gathering and Verification, by Rachel Blundy & Layla Mashkoor
Illegal Liquor Trade, by Sohel Parvez
Faking PAN Details to Hide Illegal Gains, by Aniruddha Bahal
Tracking Vigilante Violence, by Alison Saldanha
Money Trail Grants & Training, by Nick Mathiason
Story: By Mariel Padilla
Mobile Journalism WorkshopMojo Unpacked, by Ivo Burum
New Models & StartupsStory: By Alexandra Jegers
Reporting #MeToo in AsiaStory: By Kornelija Ukolovaitė
Social Media & Investigative Research ToolsOnline Investigative Tools List, by Paul Myers
The New World of Satellite ImageryUtilizing Satellite Imagery for Journalism, Anusuya DattaSatellite Imagery As A Reporting Tool, by Christine ChanStory: Anusuya Datta
Tracking Chinese BusinessTracking Chinese Business with Public Sources, by Karen Zhang
China's One Belt, One Road Initiative, by Maria Abi-Habib
Asia's Corporate Records, by Patrick Boehler
China's Global Projects, by Lily Kuo
Tracking Chinese Investments & Influence in Europe, by Patrick Boehler
Story: By Siran Liang

Crime and Corruption

Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsStories/Videos
Corporate Crime, Tax Scams, & Corrupt ActsInvestigating Dirty Money in Nepal, by Krishna Acharya
Investigating Corporate Crime, by Miranda Patrucic
Story: By Finja Seroka
Video: Miranda Patrucic
Video: Boyoung Lim
Video: Martha Mendoza
Cross-Border Investigations: Exposing Human SlaveryCollaborating to Trace Slavery, by Sherry LeeExposing Slavery Across Borders, by Martha Mendoza
Exposing Modern Slavery in Asia, by Wahyu Dhyatmika
Nepal-India-Gulf Human Trafficking Nexus, by Pramod Acharya
Cross-Border Investigations: Following the MoneyFollowing the Money, Connecting the Dots, by Ritu Sarin
Investigating the Offshore Leaks Database, by Wahyu Dhyatmika
Investigating Criminal NetworksStrategies to Track Criminal Networks, by Alia AllanaThe Smack Track, ISIS & More, by Alia Allana
Criminal Networks: Results-oriented Reporting, by Bryan Christy
Investigating War Crimes & Historical TraumaUncovering the No Gun Ri Massacre, by Martha MendozaStory: By Mariel Padilla


Session NameTipsheets/PresentationsStories/Videos
Building Your Own DatabaseConsiderations in Building a Database, by Brant Houston
Data Journalism in ChinaRe-evaluating China’s Cities, by Jolly Shen
Trending Data Journalism in China, by Zheng Cui
Story: By Lizzy Huang
Finding Data: From Asia & the WorldFinding Open Data, by Pinar Dag
Using Google As A Bridge to the Deep Web, by Giannina Segnini
Mapping Using ArcviewMapping for Stories, by Andrew Lehren
Money, Politics & DataOvercoming Open Data Challenges, by Yoi Tateiwa & Yuta Suzuki
Open Data Standards, by Khairil Yusof
Story: By Alexandra Jegers
Story: By Finja Seroka
The State of Data JournalismData Journalism Tools, by Khalid Khattak
Free Tools & Data Stories, by Jennifer LaFleur
Seeing Through Data, by Taehyung Kim
Visualizing DataProcess of Visualization, by Songyi Lim
Web ScrapingWeb scraping for Non-coders, by
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Everything about Web Scraping, by Pinar Dag


Session NameTipsheets/PresentationsStories/Videos
Inside the Korean Peace ProcessStory: By Kornelija Ukolovaitė
Investigating North KoreaFive Stories in North Korean Materials, by Martin WeiserStory: By Mariel Padilla


Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsStories/Videos
Digital Safety: Protecting Yourself & Your Sources Story: Roland Bednarz
Investigative Radio & PodcastsInvestigative Journalism Into Radio, by Sandra Bartlett & Citra PrastutiTurning Your Investigation Into Great Radio, by Sandra BartlettStory: By Alexandra Jegers
Legal: Staying Out of CourtLegal Advice For Journalists, by Kyung Sin ParkStrategies in Facing Criminal Prosecutions, by Shanmuga Kanesalingam
The Business of Journalism: Best Practices for Sustainable Newsrooms (Part 1)Membership Puzzle Project, Emily Goligoski
Elements of Pitch, by Bridget Gallagher
The Three Habits of Highly Effective Pitchers, by Bridget Gallagher
The Business of Journalism: Best Practices for Sustainable Newsrooms (Part 2)Best Practices of Sustainable Newsrooms, by Ross Settles
The Reporter's Fundraising Experiment, by Sherry Lee