Special Events & Networking


Come ready to network and share with colleagues.

GIJN conferences offer cutting-edge training from the best in the business. But they’re also the perfect time to meet new friends and brainstorm about story ideas and the latest techniques. Often the greatest impact of our conferences is from informal conversations in the hallways and at the restaurants and bars. We’ve seen great collaborations, dynamic new startups, and extraordinary stories all result from our attendees having a drink together.

In that spirit, we’ve designed the program to give you plenty of time to network. There are 30-minute breaks between sessions, so you can talk one-on-one to the panelists and other colleagues. There will be special networking sessions, too, on key topics like how to strengthen investigative journalism across Asia.

Be sure to join us on Thursday evening, October 4, for a welcome reception. There will be cocktails and appetizers, and our local host — Korea Center for Investigative Journalism (Newstapa) — promises some grand entertainment from 동화 (Fairytale) band.

And don’t miss the Saturday evening banquet. We’ll hear from keynote speaker, famed Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar, and there will be entertainment from 풍류 (Pyungryu) band, plenty to eat and drink, and lots to talk about.

Fairy Tale is a creative Korean music band which plays traditional instruments such as daegeum (Korean bamboo flute), haegeum (Korean fiddle), and geomungo (Korean folk zither), with jeongga (Korean traditional vocal), piano, and percussion. Their music is inspired by Korean traditional poems and songs.

Fairytale band performance

Pyungryu is a band that presents Korean music through the fusion of Korean traditional and contemporary music. They utilize instruments such as the piri (double reed instrument), haegeum (Korean fiddle), daegeum (Korean bamboo flute) and percussion.

Pyungryu band performance

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