Korea’s two largest airlines, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, connect Seoul with Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Other international airlines operating from and to Seoul every day include Air China (Beijing), Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi), Qatar Airways (Doha), Singapore Airlines (Singapore), China Airlines (Taipei), Garuda Indonesia (Jakarta) and Turkish Airlines (Istanbul).

From the Airport

Uber: Uber taxi service is available in Seoul and Incheon. A direct ride from Incheon International Airport to Millennium Seoul Hilton will cost approximately KRW 109,300 (USD 100) to KRW 141,900 (USD 131).

1) From Incheon International Airport

The airport limousine bus service takes you directly to the hotel in an hour. Operating once every hour, the KAL Airport limousine no. 6702 goes directly to the conference venue, Millennium Seoul Hilton. 6702 departs from 4A at Terminal 1, Exit 18 at Terminal 2. The cost is KRW 16,000 (USD 15). Check the KAL Airport limousine schedule here.

The train is another convenient, affordable option. The airport railroad costs up to KRW 4,750 (USD 4.3) and takes about 66 minutes to the Seoul Station, while the AREX express train costs KRW 9,000 (USD 8.3) and takes up to 51 minutes. A car rental or cab may cost up to KRW 150,000 (USD 139).

The hotel also has a free shuttle service to and from the Seoul Station. The bus departs from the hotel every hour from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

2) From Gimpo International Airport

The airport railroad costs about KRW 1,450 (USD 1.3) and takes about 22 minutes to the Seoul Station, where the hotel shuttle bus can pick you up. It costs about KRW 50,000 (USD 46) by taxi.

In the City

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Traveling to tourist areas like Gyeongbokgung Palace and Myeongdong can be easily done via subway and buses. You can purchase a multiple-use pass called T-money at most convenience stores and use it at subway stations. Fares start at KRW 1,350 (USD 1.2) and vary depending on the travel distance. Transfers between subway lines and between a bus and subway are free. You can use T-money for taxis.

City tour buses are also available and leave from the front of Dongwha Duty Free Shop at Subway Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5) every half an hour. The coaches offer city tours on different themes including royal palace and major scenic spot tours.

You can explore other cities like Busan via an express train called KTX.

City of Seoul provides a very useful mobile public transportation link for foreigners to get around on public transportation.

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